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Shanyuan Cup - dumpling making competition
Release time:2021-08-04
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Dumplings are traditional Chinese food. Dumplings originated from ancient jiaozi. Jiaozi, formerly known as "jiao'er", was first invented by Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of Nanyang in China. It has a history of more than 1800 years. Dumpling is a traditional characteristic food loved by the Chinese people, also known as dumpling. It is not only a staple food and local snack of Chinese people, but also a new year's food. During Chinese New Year holidays or large and small gatherings, most people are used to taking dumplings as their staple food. Dumplings have gradually become a symbol of ritual in life.

At 10 a.m. on September 10, 2020, the "Shanyuan Cup" dumpling making competition opened in the staff restaurant of Qingdao Shanyuan electronics company. All employees of the company participate in the competition in groups. The whole competition atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The members of each group have a clear division of labor and work together. At the same time, we also gained a lot of happiness.

Prepare we go all out

Team name, team call, team style display

After showing everyone's imposing team names, it's time to really show your skills. A series of clear division of labor, such as "skin, filling, counting, plate setting, etc. The game is in full swing...

Come on, come on, come on

After an hour of competition, our labor achievements have been freshly released. What are we waiting for? Let's show it

After the dumplings are made, the next step is our selection. In order to show the fairness of the competition, the organizing committee decided to vote for judgment. The team leaders carefully evaluated each group of dumplings.

Wonderful moment

Championship moment

After a fierce choice, the first place of the Shanyuan cup dumpling competition was born successfully. Congratulations to the No. 8 vanguard for winning the championship with 6 votes and 245 dumplings. Also really responded to their slogan - far ahead, strive to be the first!

If the birth of the first prize is well deserved, the winners of the second and third prizes may rely more on luck. Because of the same number of votes, our final judgment adopted the most fair and traditional method - scissors and cloth on hand!

In the face of female comrades, our male compatriots did not show mercy on women at all, and the beauty captain was out in the first inning

Two brothers, always the same, okay?

After a fierce competition, group 5 of "we will be here, I will be wonderful" finally won the second prize.

The lively and exciting competition process is destined to add more different flavor to this lunch time. Plates of dumplings are brought to the kitchen. Each one is the result of the joint efforts of each team. I believe each dumpling will have its unique taste. That is happiness!

Taste of happiness

The one and a half hour dumpling making competition ended successfully. While waiting for delicious food, we sat together and simply played two games. The big sister of the canteen also brought steaming dumplings for everyone in a lot of laughter. Everyone happily enjoys the fruits of their labor. I ended today's lunch with talking and laughing.

Have you all the way~

Dear Shanyuan family:

Remember the scene of our first dumpling making competition? I vaguely remember it was in the spring of 2018. Because it was the first time to plan, our ingredients were not well prepared. Many groups ended up without noodles or stuffing. The number of dumplings was not controlled, and a lot was wasted in the end

Along the way, this is our third Shanyuan cup dumpling competition. I believe we all felt our sense of orderly rhythm and control over the whole activity time and the amount of ingredients in this competition. The most important thing to thank is each excellent ourselves. Because we are a team, we can bear each other's shortcomings, tolerate each other's mistakes, and be better at discovering each other's strengths. If we need a word to describe our relationship, the word family must first come to mind. Just like the lyrics: it must be a special fate that makes us a family along the way.

Thank you for every such collective activity, which makes us deeply feel that we are such a big family with love, and makes us feel satisfied and happy because we work in such a big family. Let's look forward to the next wonderful

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