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Seminar on Shanyuan cultural philosophy manual - phase II
Release time:2021-08-04
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Improving the mind -- realizing the purpose of life

Development course

March 12, 19

The editorial group of Shanyuan cultural philosophy manual was officially established. All members of the company participated and discussed in groups, taking Mr. Daosheng's classic works such as Kyocera philosophy, living method and six refinement as reference.

December 27, 19

The v2.0 edition of Shanyuan culture and philosophy manual was officially printed and published. Tian Huijun, general manager of the company, personally distributed a book for everyone, one for everyone to learn and grow together.

February 4, 20

The sudden epidemic suspended the company's resumption of work. All staff began to punch in the Shanyuan culture and philosophy manual online. A small chapter is held every day. Reading and experience sharing are carried out simultaneously. So far, all staff have punched in three times. The fourth time is in progress.

On June 19, 2020, the second phase of Shanyuan culture and philosophy manual seminar was held in the activity room on the second floor of the company. Mr. Tian, the keynote teacher, led all the staff to study in the mode of discussion and sharing. The seminar was successfully completed through careful discussion and active speeches.

Same frequency resonance

Aiming at the theme of this seminar - the purpose of life, President Tian made a simple sharing and led everyone to watch a video of "same frequency resonance". Through the short video, we realized that the power of a person is small and the influence of the team is very strong. I also understand how important it is to choose an excellent team.

Active discussion

Wonderful sharing

Excerpt (from the Handbook of culture and philosophy of Shanyuan)

Thinking about life: in such a complex and rapidly developing society, we should calm down and think about our life. This is a problem that each of us needs to think repeatedly. We need to often go back to the origin and think: where do we come from? Why live? How can we spend this rare and beautiful life? This is the most important question in life. The ultimate answer to the meaning of life is: life comes to hone the soul and improve the mind. The so-called improving the mind is to be good and beautify the mind. This is the driving force for a person's life journey and business to enter a benign track. The sign of improving mental character is the extent to which you put yourself down and think more about others, that is, the extent to which you have no self from him, and that is, to what extent to benefit employees for operators. The height of mind determines the height of a person's happiness index.


Everyone is kind in life. He comes to this world with a simple heart. The road you have taken, the people you have seen and the things you have experienced. Will be reflected in your personality charm. Fortunately, we can read the same book, do the same thing, work and study together. The most important thing is to grow together. How valuable and meaningful it is. I hope every Shanyuan family can, but do good deeds and don't ask about the future.

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