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Release time:2021-08-04
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If there is a flower on a windowsill, the room will have vitality.

When a flower blooms on a tree, the tree will be full and mature.

A flower blooms on a road, which is full of love.

If a healthy person gives a patient a flower, he will have the courage to fight

Warm blood is the symbol of life, and unpaid blood donation is the symbol of civilization and progress.

Donate renewable blood to save dying lives

Let your life open a flower for others, add a ray of warmth and hope to live for others.

Use your heart to make a nursery for others, spit out a shade and dye a color for others, which is also a cheer for your life!

Some people's hearts are a big garden full of fragrant flowers, which can be happy with many people, such as Saint chastity, such as Lei Feng in China.

The heart that can blossom for others is a kind heart, and the colorful praise for others is a sincere feeling!

More precious than the blood you donate is your true feelings

The blood given is limited, the love given is unlimited

Your soul is like a rainbow when you donate blood

Life surges with your blood


Beautiful blood is valuable, and helping others is more expensive

A small part of our love is the whole life of others!

People who can pay for the beauty of other people's lives are not ordinary people,

Such people must have noble spirit, noble lightness and angel soul

Such people are the banner of the people, the backbone of the world and the soul of the crowd!!!

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