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Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival and national day -- Shanyuan electronic lite
Release time:2021-08-04
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National Day, also known as national day and National Day commemoration, refers to a legal festival formulated by a country to commemorate the country itself. On this day, every country will hold various celebrations. The National Day in 2020 coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival. It is said that the last national day and the Mid Autumn Festival coincided with the same day. Such a day was still in 1982. So this year's National Day is particularly memorable. According to the Convention, Shanyuan electronics also held a literary and artistic Party of "Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day" on September 29. The program was colorful, and everyone sat around and laughed. To this year's double festival, left a good memory

2020 is a special year. For the reason of "New Coronavirus", the year seems to be extraordinarily fast, and it has reached the last 1/4 in a year. It is also because of the epidemic that we see the strength of our motherland. Building hospitals, saving patients and producing medical equipment accessories, our country has not abandoned any patients or cities for any reason. Finally, the epidemic has been well controlled, and shopping malls, scenic spots, schools and other places have restored the lively scene of the past. The more than 34 million infected people abroad have also further confirmed our motherland's ability to quickly control the epidemic situation. At this moment, on such a day, we sing the motherland with the loudest voice!

Home is the smallest country, and the country is tens of thousands. Here, Shanyuan is a small country and a big family. Everyone works hard, unites and loves, contributes to the construction of Shanyuan happiness building, and works hard to realize Shanyuan dream as soon as possible. An excellent team is inseparable from a good leader. Under the influence of the particularly depressed environment caused by the epidemic this year, all walks of life are facing the situation of no class and no money to pay wages. However, in Shanyuan, everyone has a fixed job and a high salary. We must thank the leader of this team, President Tian. At this moment, President Tian also came to the stage to share his spiritual food. Today is also the birthday of the man who has been carrying great pressure to take us all the way. Everyone did their best to prepare a small surprise for him. I wish him a happy birthday and thank him for all the opportunities he created for us!

Best wishes and care, sincere greetings and joy! In this harvest season, I wish you happiness all the way to life. Happy birthday!

Any perfect activity is inseparable from the full efforts of every participant, especially such a party. Wonderful programs are the greatest support of the whole party. Thank every performer and the lucky family who play the game "win the prize" for their wonderful performance. Because of you, this party is more wonderful!

Wonderful moment

Youth never ends

A 60 year old sister of the company brought a song "walking through the coffee shop". At the same time, invite the family after 60 and 70 to sing together. The beautiful lyrics and moving melody brought everyone to their age. Time will pass and your face will grow old, but your youth will never end!

Nowadays, the fast-paced life makes everyone more and more aware of the importance of health. At the end of 19 years, Shanyuan officially established the "move - Shanyuan running group". Having a healthy body is a prerequisite for perceiving all happiness. We can work together, struggle together, help each other and go on, but the premise is that we must be healthy together. I also call on all friends who read this article to get out of the comfort zone, move, and build a healthy body for themselves and your family!

There is a song that says, "my happiness comes from your laughter. And if you cry, I will be more distressed than you. My dream needs you to accompany me to complete. And the love you gave me doubled my courage. Because we are a family, we believe in interdependence and are grateful to each other. Because we are a family, share, share each other's life ". In the morning, we start the day's work together in the face of the sun. In the evening, we wave goodbye to the sunset and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. We are a family, so we lean close to each other. Finally, the whole audience began to dance sign language - a family. Ended the unforgettable Gala and literary performance.

On the occasion of this double festival, the company has prepared holiday benefits for everyone. After the party, everyone signed in and received them in an orderly manner.

The party has come to a successful conclusion. Let's look forward to a better gathering next time. Xiaobian wishes everyone a happy holiday and a happy family!

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