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Shanyuan electronic punch in Yangzhou happy two-day tour
Release time:2021-08-04
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Shanyuan electronic punch in Yangzhou happy two-day tour

-----Fireworks march down Yangzhou

Life is a journey. I hope every journey can leave a beautiful mark in our life. The so-called "the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry". The weather in early summer and the warm wind in late spring are the best season to travel. Stand at the intersection of April to welcome the brilliance of May. Let's go (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

The best scenery is always on the road

I don't remember who said, "it doesn't matter where to travel. The key lies in who is with us in front of the beautiful scenery." Indeed, the people who accompany us on every journey are the greatest source of our joy. Laugh and laugh with a group of lovely people all the way. No matter how far you go, you won't feel hard. Especially a group of versatile friends. The scenery is pleasant. Our Shanyuan family can't help singing a poem

-Yangzhou Travel-

——Tian Huijun

The Shanyuan family are happy,

Fireworks go to Yangzhou in March.

The sky is blue, the trees are green, and the mood is beautiful,

Singing and laughing all the way.


——Guo Guo Yan

Sleepwalking in ancient times, Su Yangdi,

The beauty comes to the bottom of my heart.

Now Shanyuan will meet again,

Love is transmitted in Suzhou city.

-Yangzhou Travel-

——Xue Hongxin

Shanyuan family is happy

Fireworks march down Yangzhou

The beautiful scenery all the way is intoxicating

Singing and laughing make the road go

-Jiangnan trip-

——Chen Xintao

Fireworks march down Yangzhou

Take your mother on a two-day trip

The sky is clear and beautiful

More than 200 people traveled together

The scenery on the road is really pleasant

Laughter and joy

Do you think it's over? No. after the five character quatrains, it's time to enlarge the move. Please enjoy our serials - second and third

Yangzhou Travel

Singing and laughing all the way, I didn't feel it was long after a 7-hour drive. I arrived at the first stop - Heyuan safely.

Second stop

- Dongguan Street

Every city has its unique charm, history and culture. After visiting Heyuan, our party came to the famous old street of Yangzhou - Dongguan Street. Enjoy the joy of delicious food. I also bring some gifts for my family who are looking forward to our safe return at home.

More than life, more than movement - one

Moving - Shanyuan running group was established in December 2019, from a few people at the beginning to about 50 today. Take "running towards happiness" as the sports concept (3km / 30min every day), run all the way and be happy all the way. Today, after a journey of about 500km from Qingdao to Yangzhou, we must leave our footprints (* ^ ▽ ^ *)


More than life, more than movement - two

In Shanyuan, there is not only 3km running every day, but also "shuttlecock kicking" which makes us happy every day. At noon every day, we use the lunch break to form a circle to kick shuttlecock relay. While digesting lunch, we add a touch of different joy to our working time. Since it is such a happy sport, it must be indispensable in the journey

in the warm spring , flowers are coming out with a rush

Thin West Lake

On April 18, the Shanyuan family punched in the famous thin West Lake scenic spot to face the pleasant scenery. The tiredness of yesterday's journey was swept away. Miss guide's detailed introduction gives you a deeper understanding of the thin West Lake. From the twenty fourth bridge, where can the jade teach to play flute on the bright moon night, to the five pavilion bridge, where five out of ten are on the front side of the bridge hole, with five pavilions on the top and four wings below; From Wangchun tower to xichuntai, and then to the scene of "three steps, one peach, five steps and one willow", everyone is deeply fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the thin West Lake. Perhaps it's because we've come all the way here. Even the Qionghua that emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty didn't see three times has filled our eyes. This is no doubt not to leave a deeper memory for our trip to Yangzhou.


Song, Liu Xueji

Cluster Yuying jade broken round

The dew is thin, the sun is warm and wants to smoke

There are strange species from the later soil

It's not a gathering of eight immortals

The journey is short

The scenery along the way made us linger

But more worthy of our treasure

It's the family that accompany us all the way

Happy trip and safe return

It is the biggest support of every Shanyuan person for this trip!

We are all time travelers, walking on a long journey in order to find the light in life. The trip to Yangzhou has come to a successful conclusion. We look forward to a better gathering next time. The best scenery is always on the road

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